Friday, November 16, 2012

Now the disabled veterans could buy adapted cars through CSD

Ministry of Defence, government of India decides to provide adapted / modified cars through CSD (Canteen Stores Department) to disabled defence personnel.

Giving big relief to a large number of disabled defence personnel, the Ministry of Defence has decided to provide the automatic driven cars or cars which are suitably modified to meet their requirements through the CSD canteen stores. 

The move will enable them to procure the cars at subsidized rate which is much below the market price. 

Sources said that after the direction of the Ministry of Defence, the canteen stores department has written to all the major car manufacturing companies to send their proposals to the department for the enlistment.

The General Manager of the CSD stores has written to the Hyundai, Maruti, Ford , Toyata, Nisssan, General Motors etc for providing the detail of the cars useful for the disabled personnel. 

The letter has said, “Representation has been received from Disabled War Veterans for introduction of automatic driven cars. In order to meet social obligation stipulated under Disability Act all companies are requested to send their proposal.” The copy has also been sent to Col HN Honda president of the Association. 

Colonel ( Retired ) SK Agrawal disabled army officers has said that many cars are available in the market which are specially designed for the disabled personnel but the disabled persons cannot buy them due to their high prices. 

He said that if these cars are made available in the CSD stores then large number of the disable personnel can be benefited by the decision

There are large numbers of the disabled ex-servicemen residing in different parts of the county. 

Lt Colonel (Retd) SS Sohi, President Ex-Servicemen Grievance Cell said that the time has come to give their due to the war disabled. The move to provide the cars from the CSD will help them to live with dignity and pride. 

Companies are manufacturing cars for keeping in mind with different disabilities. Hand controlled cars are suitable for physically challenged people. Hand controls can make driving much easier with more control and faster response times. These cars have hand operated brake and accelerator and hand operated clutch.

Source: Daily Post India 

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