Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Security Personnel (CISF) deployed at airport needs disability training too

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This incident on 10th Feb 2012 with Ms. Davis- Wray, a person with disability, points to insensitivity of security personnel  from Central Industrial Security Staff deployed at the airports in dealing with persons with disabilities. The DGCA's CAR only talks about training of airline staff and aerodrome operators, however, security system are not required to be equally inclusive and seamless. The training needs are far more crucial for all the staff posted at Airports.

In this case, Ms. Henrietta Davis-Wray, a senior global disabled leader, a Jamaica member of the DPI World Council, was in India on the invitation for the Disabled People's International (DPI) Executive Committee meeting. The incident occurred on February 10 when Ms. Davis-Wray was passing through security channels before boarding a American Airlines flight to Chicago.
During physical frisking, Ms. Davis-Wray was allegedly asked to remove her pants because the security officer felt suspicious of the calliper (brace she wears on her right leg). In a mail to her hosts, Ms. Davis-Wray has said she could not forget the look on the face of the security officer “I was so embarrassed of her action. I fully understand the need for such security checks, but consideration should be given to human beings,” she wrote.
In this case, it was not a lapse on the part of the airline but a clear human rights violation on the part of the security personnel, who belong to the Central Industrial Security Force entrusted with the security of the airports.
Read the entire news coverage in the Hindu below:

The Hindu : News / National : Separate department for disability affairs

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