Monday, February 18, 2008

Has the DGCA Given Up on its CAR for the Disabled?

Dear Friends,

The mighty airliners have got together to strike down the DGCA's CAR for the carriage of the people with reduced mobility that was finalised with the active involvement of many of us negotiating our demands word by word. It was not charity that we asked for. It was something to which the Government has agreed by signing and ratifying the UNCRPD and is very much in line with the Constitution of India and The Persons with Disabilities Act too. However, the powerful lobby of airliners have created this pressure to serve their vested interest.

The detailed story of why DGCA is blinking on the issue can be read here: and is covered by today's Times of India.

This is right time that we all get together and not let the Ministry succumb to the pressure of the Airliners under any circumstance. This is a testing time for the mandate of the Indian Constitution and the commitments that the Government of India has made before the national & international community to ensure a rights based society where all citizens especially those with disabilities or reduced mobility are treated equally without any discrimination in every walk of life. Your support is crucial !

SC Vashishth