Friday, June 13, 2014

Low Cost Airline IndiGo to provide dedicated stairlifts for passengers with special needs

Dear Friends,

Today, IndiGo Airlines has become the first airlines in India with dedicated stairlifts for passengers with special needs. At airports around the country that do not use ramps, IndiGo will be introducing these motorised chairs that enable passengers to board and deplane in complete comfort! 

This is no doubt a welcome step as it will help many elders and those passengers with disabilities who can transfer easily on their own but this still fails to address the needs of those who are in wheelchairs and have problems in transfers. The ramped access patented by Indigo is a better option any day where everyone walks up in an inclusive way irrespective of being  a walker or the one being pushed on manual wheelchairs by the ground service providers! Hope this facility would be in addition to that and not as a replacement to the ramps.  

So congratulations to the Low Cost Airliner and to those who would benefit from this service which is of course coming at no added cost!

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Pratibha Sehgal said...

This is why Indigo has been able to win the trust of Indian flyers. If there is a route where Indigo flies, I do not think passengers prefer to travel with any other carrier.