Monday, July 29, 2013

CJ Poonam fights for disabled friendly railway stations

Thanks to Aarth Aastha and CNN IBN for giving opportunities to unheard voices like Poonam who are equally affected by the inaccessibility of Indian Railways - the most popular and preferred mode of public transportation by land.

Its a long time that demands have been made by the people - both celebreties and crusaders on ground asking the railways to champion the cause of disability and accessibility. Indian Railways, however, has been very slow in even reacting to them...I am not talking about responding and resolving them.

Mired by bribery controversies, the rail ministry seems not very serious in making its services accessible to all! This Ministry has been like a cake that is most sought after by political parties who support the government for reasons so obvious and by the leaders who get more opportunities of personal gain rather than work in the larger interest of nation by positioning Indian Railways as the best accessible inter-city pubic transportation on land.

Hope the things will change soon with more awareness around this subject and awakening in the citizenry about their rights.

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