Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another fiasco after the meeting on Balatant violations of rights of passengers

Dear Colleagues,

Shivani shares her experience while returning from Delhi Meeting - very unfortunate and can not be digested. What if she was travelling to some destination or had a connecting flight. But I feel, this is no reason to be pessimistic and hope this never gets repeated. However, we need to work to ensure this. The meeting organised by the JS, Civil Aviation indicates a seriousness on the part of the DGCA/Civil Aviation Ministry towards the issue. However, it seems that they need hand holding in implementation of CAR rather than occasional outbursts from the sector. The media hype created over the issue of Jeeja Ghosh had put the Government on the back foot and the meeting was surely to listen to and pacify the sentiments and find a way forward.

However, let this be a new beginning. We need to walk with the DGCA whose sincerely efforts with the activists and NGOs brought in the DGCA's Civil Aviation Requirement on the issue when there existed none.  Only requirement is proper mechanisms for implementation of the CAR and training of the Staff by competent trainers. Yes, we need to insert penalty provisions inserted too so that discipline can be enforced if this doesn't come voluntarily. The DGCA has lots of powers to regulate the airliners and aerodrome operators and I see there is a will also to do it. We need to help them to organize it on priority.

Here are Shivani's experiences:-

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